9 Digestion Boosting Tips


As a part of my Coop position working with Erika from Anthrophysique + Erika Weissenborn Nutrition - I wrote an article with 9 super simple tips for improving your digestion.

You may have heard you are what you eat. Unfortunately this isn’t the whole story. You are what you are able to digest and assimilate. You could eat the healthiest, nutrient-rich whole-food-packed diet, but if your digestion isn’t functioning optimally then it may all be going to waste. 

Poor digestion shows up differently for everyone. For one person it may be gas, bloating or an upset stomach. For someone else it may be heartburn, cramping, or irregularities of bowel movements. It may be every so often, or it may be a more consistent problem. The good news is when you improve digestion, you improve the amount of nutrients you are absorbing and utilizing from your food.

Read my 9 tips here: http://www.erikaweissenborn.com/blog/2015/10/20/9-tips-for-better-digestion