Self-Care with #IAMMORETHAN + The Hot Box Yoga

This month I am excited to be collaborating with some absolutely wonderful individuals who share my passion for self-care. The Hot Box Yoga in Vancouver is working with my dear friends at #IAMMORETHAN to put on a 21 Day Yoga challenge.

While the Hot Box has been known to empower hard-working yogis through 21 day yoga challenges in the past, they are focusing on spreading an important message as well. The collaboration is focusing on bringing awareness to building healthy mind-body relationships.

The #IAMMORETHAN co-founders Hailey and Afrothite created the campaign to start conversations around disordered eating and self-love. These two inspiring students from UBC  want people to see themselves as more than a number on a scale, an exam score, or the size labelled on their jeans. They are also selling t-shirts to increase awareness of the campaign with all proceeds going towards Project True.

In their words, 

This project aims to simultaneously increase awareness of disordered eating and body image issues, while also providing other individuals with the tools to find self-love.  Our mission is to start a movement to express to every individual that they are enough, and they are worthy of their own love, respect, and freedom from disordered body image

Throughout the 21 days, I will be sharing my thoughts surrounding self-care, nutrition tips to keep you fuelled for your sweat sessions, as well as some of my favourite healthy recipes. The IAMMORETHAN campaign will also be sharing encouraging words to help motivate those participating in the challenge to move their bodies, get outside and think differently about the ways that they relate to their bodies. 

The 21 days of yoga will wrap up with a by donation Summer Solstice outdoor yoga class to celebrate the hard work and growth of participants. The event will take place Tuesday, June 21st at Wesbrook Village. Mark your calendar and grab your loved ones! There will be special promotions taking place at the surrounding businesses as well (ahem, happy hour wine post-yoga..). Donations from the event will also be going to Project True, helping individuals living with eating disorders get treatment to help them recover and fine peace.

I hope to see you on the mat! ;) Don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions about the event or the campaign!