"Haley Parrent is a well educated nutritionist with a natural gift. She has a great impact on the clientele of The Hot Box Yoga both in the studio and private events we have had the pleasure of bringing her in for. She is a great speaker and an excellent chef!"

- Chris Bedford, Co-Owner @ The Hot Box Yoga

Haley is absolutely incredible, I cannot speak highly enough of what she has been able to do for me! I first came to her when I was struggling with a sports injury asking if she had any advice about potential supplements which may assist in the healing/recovery process. She not only was able to recommend a couple of options, but she clearly explained why they would be beneficial and what the key differences werebetween the two products as well as how the worked in tandem for the best results. Haley didn’t stop there; she went above and beyond to add in nutritional information and what type of foods I could focus on consuming in order to get & maintain the best results possible. I did not expect to receive so much information back from a simple supplement recommendation request, nor did I expect a message from her asking how things were progressing and what my thoughts of the products were after a couple weeks of usage. Every conversation I had with her was backed with incredible knowledge, passion, and support.

One of the best aspects of Haley is that she always wants to know more about you and the situation to ensure she is able to make the right recommendations. Numerous times I have asked her what I expected to be a very brief straightforward question, and before I knew it, she was asking me question after question pertaining to my specific situation. You don’t just get short, one worded answers… you get a wealth of information, explanation, and recommendations depending on what it is you are trying to achieve.

I have and continue to recommend Haley to people whether it be for simple questions about health and wellness or much more in-depth questions/concerns about making complete life style changes.

- C.G. Rossland, BC

"I always had trouble finding a wellness plan that I was able to stick to due to my active and hectic lifestyle. I typically found that I was never fuelled properly, and would often become light-headed during workouts or tired halfway through the day. Haley set me up with an amazing vegan meal plan .. and I was astounded by how good I felt! She made me a plan that is unique to me, with different meals focused on fuelling me for my more physically demanding days. I loved the plan and the meals so much!"
- K.V. Vancouver, BC

 "Your presentation was one of the best ones I've attended on Nutrition. You are a natural public speaker and your ability to go with the flow of your audience is remarkable."
- Special Olympics BC Coach, Vancouver BC

I'M LOVING MY WELLNESS PLAN. About to make another batch of your garlic tahini dressing ... because I can't stop putting it on everything.
- M.V. Vancouver, BC

Haley this is amazing! My wellness plan is laid out really well, easy to read and attractive! The tools you have given me are really great. Thank you for everything!
- K.B. Vancouver, BC