I work to help you feel amazing. Through my journey with food and nutrition, I have learned how big of an impact the fuel we put in our bodies has on the quality of our lives. In order to live the life that you desire, you need to go back to basics and give your body what it needs to help you make that happen. I have also learned that food is the best medicine. Our bodies have everything that they need to heal; they sometimes just need a little extra love and support when we work them too hard for too long.

     Holistic Nutrition is not a diet. It is about looking at you, and your unique mind, body and soul and deciphering what exactly YOU need to thrive. It is about creating a custom plan for you to succeed and feel amazing. Your plan will be tailored to your specific needs. It will include dietary recommendations that will help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. When we work together, I will provide you with an education surrounding food and your body, with a focus on consuming nutrient-rich whole foods, supporting your body and each of its systems.
Your personalized plan can help with digestion, skin, stress, anxiety, low energy, brain fog, hormones and weight issues to name a few. It's all connected to food.

How it all goes down:

1. Pre-Initial Consultation: This is my introduction to you. You will fill out a brief intake questionnaire beforehand to help me understand who you are and how we can work together. This will help me understand where you are currently at on your health journey. Before our first session, I will review, and come prepared to really get to know you and your unique health state.
2. Initial Consultation: (60 minutes) After reviewing your questionnaire, making notes, and formulating follow-up questions to truly understand your unique situation, we will meet (either in person/phone/Skype). We will talk about your goals, your needs, your obstacles, your health history, your taste preferences and lifestyle. You will leave this session with some simple recommendations that can be implemented immediately, and your full personalized Wellness Plan will be emailed to you within a few days. Your Wellness Plan will be sustainable and easy to follow and will get you on track for the goals that we create for you moving forward.
*it is important to note that the work does not end at the end of our 60 minute consultation - your initial consultation includes on average 4 hours of love+attention from me.
3. Follow-up Sessions: (30-60 minutes) As you progress towards a state of vibrant health and reaching the goals that we created together, we will have follow-up meetings to track your progress. These sessions will include adjustments to your Wellness Plan, support, motivation, answers to questions, new resources or just a friendly chat about how great you will be feeling! ;)
4. Email Support: I will be available through email for support during your time with me as well should you have questions about your plan, foods, recipes, or if you just need a little extra support. That's what I'm here for.