d. Talks
1:00 pm13:00

d. Talks

  • Little Mountain Shop

To help kick start your 2016 we invite you to join our version of a detox… d.Talks. An intimate afternoon geared towards helping you identify, refine and make a plan to buckle down on your mind, body and career goals.

12:30 pm12:30


  • UBC

This project aims to simultaneously increase awareness of disordered eating and body image issues, while also providing other individuals with the tools to find self-love. Join us for an event featuring a yoga class, taught by The Hot Box Yoga instructors, focused on positive affirmations, followed by a panel discussion featuring a wellness coach, a holistic nutritionist, and other amazing community leaders. We hope through our event, and t- shirt campaign to inspire others to realize they are so much MORE THAN a number on a scale or size sewn into the back of a pair of jeans.

Oct 24

Wellness Business Summit

I am so excited to be participating in the Wellness Business Summit here in Vancouver. It is a two-day event focusing on how to improve or get your small holistic business off the ground. If you are an alternative health practitioner, nutritionist, healer, personal trainer, health coach, or just someone trying to turn your passion into profit then this is a must-attend-event! 

More info here: http://www.wellnessbusinesssummit.com/wbs/vancouver/